Essay update


Would just like to say I have five – FIVE – pages of notes – NOTES! – ready for summarising and editing for an actual essay. It’s on mothers in horror, and I hope people will like it. I’ll be leaving the notes for a while, but hope to get the essay online by the end of the week.


A small update


I will be posting a review of Hellraiser (US Blu-Ray) by the end of the week, as well as Saw II (US Blu-Ray). I aim to have reviews for Saw III (UK Blu-Ray) and Saw IV (UK Blu-Ray) done by the end of next week, and Saw V done either the week after or when I post my review for Saw VI, which will be at the end of October.

A major point of this small update is I will be introducing essays founded on concepts in horror films and using varied films to communicate the idea of the essay. I’m currently working on my first one which I’m super-excited about. Hopefully it will be done by the time things are packed up and I move house.

Of course, I had to want to do lots of activity on my blog during a most chaotic time!!